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6 Nonprofit Ecommerce Websites Builder Options (No Tech Knowledge or Skills Required)

Design a professional, engaging, and beautiful website with no tech knowledge or skills required for these 6 nonprofit ecommerce websites builder options!

You have a great idea for a website but you are not tech savvy? You have nothing to worry about as you can design a great website with no tech knowledge or skills needed. How?
All you need to do is go through these 6 nonprofit ecommerce websites builder options and pick one that suits your needs the most:

1. Drupal

This is a very popular and a comprehensive CMS or Content Management System that is perfect for creating expensive and complex websites. When compared to other ecommerce websites builders, Drupal is a little more technical and it is isn’t recommended for beginners. If you have a basic coding knowledge or you consider yourself as a tech-savvy person, the wide feature set of Drupal and the range of content types will definitely allow you to build a great website or ecommerce software  with extra functionalities. Drupal can offer you more than 600 plug-ins and you can create any type of website possible. They have tons of user forums and excellent customer support.

2. Tumblr

First of all, this is not a typical website builder. With this website builder, you can create a blog that your potential customers follow to discover the newest information about your business or brand. The website is perfect for short-form content, for example, photos, blog posts, GIFs, and videos. If your organization wants a lot of functionality and flexibility when it comes to web design, this is not the best place for you.

3. Squarespace

This is a drag-and-drop, intuitive website builder that can help beginners create and design websites with ease. The best thing about Squarespace is its easy-to-use interface and its attention to detail. The downside of this platform is the limited customization. With this platform, you can create membership signups, forms for donations, event registrations, and everything else you need.

4. BlackBaud

This is another great nonprofit web design solution. We cannot say that it is a website builder but more like a web design service. The design team will evaluate your current site and help you rebuild it or re-design it. Also, they will help you create a great content strategy, monitor your performance, and manage social media and email integrations. This website builder is perfect for larger nonprofits that have more resources to allocate to website upkeep and web design.

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5. GoDaddy

This website builder comes with different options to suit different needs. Your organization can begin with a blank canvas to create a website that is according to your needs and preferences and allow you to choose from more than 300 professional and unique templates. The biggest downside of GoDaddy is its lack of functionality. All the features you can build out are limited which means that this is a website builder for people and businesses that want minimalism and ease. The multiple design options of GoDaddy can easily cater to nonprofits who are looking for different levels of customization and for those who have various design preferences.
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6. Weld

This is a unique website builder that is marketed toward international businesses and it is focused on interactivity. The nonprofits can create websites with great interactive elements to provide the visitors and potential customers with a more engaging shopping experience. Interactivity is the key to success and the future of web design and this ecommerce websites builder is the best one who focuses on different interactive elements.

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